Megyn Kelly To Rachel Maddow: Don’t Call Scalia A ‘Troll’ (VIDEO)

Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly on Friday cried foul at MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s label of Justice Antonin Scalia as a “troll,” arguing that it’s an unseemly way to describe someone who sits on the bench of the Supreme Court.

Appearing on “The Daily Show” on Thursday night, Maddow took aim at the conservative justice after he characterized part of the “Voting Rights Act” as a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.”

“It’s weird to see Antonin Scalia in person,” Maddow told Jon Stewart. “He’s a troll. He’s saying this for effect. He knows it’s offensive, and he knows he’s going to get a gasp from the courtroom which he got. And he loves it. He’s like the guy in your blog comment thread who’s using the n-word. … He’s that kind of guy.”

Kelly, a former attorney and legal reporter who covered the Supreme Court, addressed Scalia’s observation at the outset of a segment on her afternoon program on Fox News, “America Live.” Referring to Maddow only as a “liberal commentator,” Kelly said she personally objects to “that kind of language against the Supreme Court justice.”

“I don’t think it does anybody any good,” Kelly said. “I think they vote their consciences up there whether they’re left or right.”