See Who The Wealthiest Individual Is In Every State (MAP)

A new interactive map displays the wealthiest person in every state.

The map, at, does a state-by-state breakdown of the richest people in each state across the country.

The way each wealthy individual got rich varies, notes. In some cases they earned their fortunes through entrepreneurship, others are heirs or heiresses or widows, notes, citing Forbes Celebrity Net Worth figures. About half are founders of companies.

The map post at also features an interactive map that shows the significant income gap between the wealthiest individuals and the average income by region. For instance, in Washington state, where Bill Gates is the wealthiest individual with about $76 billion, the average wealth in one part of the state is $69,428, the state average is $73,970 and the county average is $67,007.

See the map below: