GOP Senator: I’d ‘Like To See’ Trump Push Moore To Withdraw From Race

Tom Williams/CQPHO

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) on Sunday said he “would like to see” President Donald Trump push Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore to withdraw from the race amid numerous accusations of sexual misconduct, including assault.

“I would like to see the President, Chris, come out and support what many of us have said, and that is that Roy Moore needs to step aside, allow somebody else to be a write-in candidate, we can win that seat,” Thune said on “Fox News Sunday” to the show’s host Chris Wallace.

Trump, who has his own decades-long history of sexual misconduct allegations, doubled down on his support for Moore, and his criticism of Moore’s opponent, Democratic candidate Doug Jones, on Sunday.

Thune said that if Moore wins his race “there’s going to immediately be an ethics investigation which is going to be a cloud that he’ll be operating in.”

“It’s going to be a distraction for us and for our agenda,” he said. “So, you know, ultimately the decision is up to the people of Alabama, but it strikes me at least that it would be in their best interest and in the country’s best interest and certainly the best interest of our agenda if the President would use his influence to try to get Roy Moore to step aside.”

He said Trump “can speak for himself” but can also “use his influence and do what he can to get Moore to step aside.”