VP Debate Live Blog #1

9:04 PM: I’m not sure they’re ready for Joe Biden.

9:06 PM: Ryan looks out of his depth.

9:12 PM: Curious what values Ryan is talking about apologizing for.

9:19 PM: Pretty clearly Biden got a lecture about smiling when he’s off camera.

9:23 PM: Apparently the reporters at the debate are all chattering about Biden’s smiles and smirks when Ryan’s talking.

9:26 PM: Okay, I think this is what Dems were waiting for from Obama. Never going to get something like this from Obama. This is vintage Biden.

9:29 PM: “I always say what I mean. And so does Mitt Romney.”

9:30 PM: My sense so far is that these two guys are both doing a pretty solid job. In very different ways. But both hitting key marks. The tide keeps running back and forth.

9:32 PM: That was the best run for Biden so far.

9:33 PM: Ding! Stimulus.

9:35 PM: Ryan held his own, maybe even better than that on foreign policy. Biden owned him on domestic policy.