Tradecraft, It Ain’t

From TPM Reader TS

I read the FBI affidavit regarding the request for access to Rosen’s gmail account, and it does not match up closely with the current media backlash. Everyone seems up in arms about surveillance of Rosen’s phone calls and building entries. Do reporters actually think that phone calls they receive on State Department phones within the State Department building are private?

Even when the originating call is also a State Department phone in the same building? Do reporters think that the State Department isn’t going to check when you badge into and out of the State Department building when they know that someone in that building leaked top secret info to you?

Basically, Rosen was being leaked top secret info and he did not follow even the most basic procedures to protect the identity of his source. Everyone compares it to Watergate… but that would be a more apt comparison if W&B had repeatedly met “deep throat” in his White House office.