Thanks, Folks

I wanted to tell you that we were able to get to 18,000 Prime subscribers by the end of November. That’s a huge milestone for us. So thank you. This puts us in shooting distance of the goal we’ve been pursuing since the summer of getting to 20,000 Prime subscribers by the end of calendar 2016. We are currently at 18,099. Many of you subscribe simply to support the site. Others do so to see fewer ads and a cleaner version of the site. Still others for the exclusive articles, features, The Hive, my podcast, etc. Whichever reason is your reason, your subscription is a critical part of the present and the future of this site. It helps us continue doing what we’ve done for 16 years, expand our reporting capacity and make the site’s finances more stable.

A bit later this month we will also be rolling out subscriptions which you can give as gifts to friends and family in addition to the credit subscriptions we already offer. Click right here to join if you haven’t already. Thanks and enjoy the weekend.