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Politico warns of “Wellstone Effect

I’m curious. Maybe it can be an informal contest? How would you define the “Wellstone Effect”. Possibly: “when Republican strategists try to politicize the outpouring of grief over the tragic death of a Democratic politician and manage to play numerous reporters for fools in the process.”Late Update: TPM Reader BN’s take …

The Wellstone Effect is far more treacherous than what you describe, Josh.

The Wellstone Effect is conservatives successfully portraying the legitimate grieving of progressives as dangerous hysteria so they can ram through political outcomes exactly opposite to the causes for which the departed stood.

TPM Reader BM adds …

One thing different now than Oct 2002 was the complete shock at Paul Wellstone death. We were all so stunned we left ourselves vulnerable to a level of sleazy viciousness we didnt even know fully. That part has changed. The difference is the feeling of having a close friend killed in a weird violent act as opposed to losing a cherished grandparent after a long illness surrounded by family. Both are really hard, but one leaves you wide open and vulnarable. That said, if I were managing the memorial, I would want to at least see an outline of speakers addresses and have a chat about raw emotional displays on stage. Once bitten twice shy.

It’s a good point. The sheer exploitative awfulness of what the Republicans pulled off is important to remember.