SOTU Live Blog — Part Deux

9:32 PM: “I do not accept second place for the United States of America.”

9:33 PM: House lovefest continues.

9:34 PM: Good speech, but the soundtrack? I dunno.

9:35 PM: Listening to this litany, I’m reminded how Republicans are on the wrong side — just politically, let alone on policy — of most signature issues in a populist economic moment. I think there were zero Republicans standing up on any part of Obama’s financial reform agenda — something that polls exceedingly well in addition to being good public policy.

9:38 PM: TPM Reader KD asks: “Is it just me or are these things getting more and more informal and interactive?” I think that’s probably right. Though we won’t have a real president until they take the mic off the podium and fully Oprah it up.

9:42 PM: Jobs, jobs, jobs.

9:44 PM: Health care is so 2009.

9:45 PM: I’m watching on MSNBC and as Obama speaks on Health Care Reform they’re slowly panning across each of the senators who did the most to torpedo it.

9:46 PM: “This problem is not going away.”

9:47 PM: I’m a little curious why so many Republicans are standing for Obama’s invocations on the importance of Health Care reform.