Same As It Ever Was

With torture debates and the raucous presidential primaries, folks don’t think much anymore about the US Attorney scandal and the Bush administration political purge of the DOJ that led eventual to multiple resignations and the fall and disgrace of Alberto Gonzales, President Bush’s Attorney and long-time legal confidant. But that’s what these contempt citations are about. They’re aimed at finally pushing through the stonewalling that the White House has now used for more than a year to keep the truth of what happened from becoming known. So why was David Iglesias fired? What about Carol Lam? Was her probe brushing up too close against powerful figures at the Pentagon, CIA and on Capitol Hill? What about the White House’s effort to goad US Attorneys around the country to push bogus vote fraud cases to help more Republicans get elected? We still don’t know the answers to those key questions. And that’s mainly because the White House has been stonewalling ever since. That’s what these contempt citations were and are about. And there the House Republicans are carrying the President’s and Alberto Gonzales’ water. I’m shocked.