From a TPM Reader PH trying to find out what their Rep’s position is on Paul Ryan’s Medicare Phaseout plan.

Just called my Rep., Pete Roskam’s (R-IL06) DC office. The young guy I spoke to asked me unprompted if I was calling about Steve Bannon. He sounded as if he’s taken a lot of calls today.

On Medicare here’s what PH found out.

I said I wanted to ask about Bannon, but mainly wanted to know what the plan was for Medicare. I told him how worried I was that Ryan planned to end Medicare. It was really surprising they could even consider that given that the topic had barely come up in the campaign. He was practiced enough to correct me by saying Ryan wasn’t planning to end Medicare, but to ‘privatize’ it. He said that they would either produce a position paper or have town halls depending on how the issue developed.