On The Brink

This follows up on what David wrote below about watching Trump’s speech this morning. This has been going on for so long a lot of it starts to seem normal. Like a child or a spouse living in an abusive household, your perception of what’s normal, tolerable and okay becomes deformed by the impact of the abuse. Some of it though is simply not having listened – listened closely – to Trump for a while and what he actually says. As David said, here’s Lauren’s write up of this morning’s rant.

Trump’s speeches are chaotic torrents of flat-out lies, evidence-less assertions that are almost certainly false and wild conspiracy theories usually whipping up into various forms of racist or xenophobic incitement. There was a mild sensation created a couple days ago where he again sicced a crowd on NBC News reporter Katy Tur – leading to another torrent of in-person and online abuse. But it’s hard for people to keep track. The abusive, destructive, eventually violent behavior becomes normal.

Even at this late stage, I find it genuinely shocking that so many elected Republicans and GOP elites can actually say to themselves that it is safe to have this man become President.