Marcy Kaptur’s Good Night’s Sleep

There are a lot of Dems in a lot more danger in November than Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D). But whatever worry she may have had about reelection, I think that’s over now that her opponent Rich Iott has been revealed as an avid Nazi reenactor.

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When I first heard about this story, my first thought was whether this was just analogous to people who do Civil War reenactments, which is pretty troubling on some levels but pretty commonplace around the country. But when you read the descriptions of the Nazi party on their website, it’s rather positive. “Germany,” reads the site’s history section, “headed a strong movement in Europe to actively campaign (politically and through warfare) against the ideals of Bolshevist Communism. This culminated in 1941, when the German armed forces were pitted against the very home of Bolshevism, Soviet Russia.”

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