Let The Streaming Begin

Count me among those who have now ditched Netflix’s old-school DVD option for the new streaming-only subscription plan. I’m curious how many others are doing the same thing.

Price was a factor — $8 per month versus $20 per month for the 3-DVD package — but mainly it was just convenience.We hadn’t returned a DVD in months, and they were just gathering dust while we streamed movies.What struck me though was how much of a no-brainer it was for us: a 30-second discussion with my wife, who is an admitted Luddite. Contrast that with how slow we were to jump on the Netflix bandwagon in the first place, not until May 2007 (first movie: The Third Man).

Since then I’ve been completely hooked, but we used the streaming feature sparingly, on the computer, until earlier this year when Netflix started streaming it through the Wii. That made it much easier to watch directly on the TV, rather than the computer monitor, and from that point on we gradually shifted to streaming — until our old DVD player stopped working, by which time we were already converts.