TPM Reader LT:

It really looks like the Republicans think that the Presidency, and election to it, is some kind of a joke. That it’s a game which anyone can play at, so it doesn’t matter if they grab a governor who is a political neophyte already embroiled in controversy on every front. It’s a joke, so it’s fine to ridicule and bully your opponent, fib, stall investigations, etc.

The “seriousness” (or “seriously?”) narrative is the kind that could sway swing voters: independents don’t want drama in their ticket — they want people who can get down to business. They want a ticket that treats voters like sober adults, that treats an election to the Presidency seriously. McCain spokespeople say it’s “Not about the issues?” What, so it’s a high school popularity contest, then?

I don’t know how effective this would be with independents but it sure works on me.