Joe Miller: I’m a Lying Liar from Liarville

News organizations won the release of documents from Senate candidate Joe Miller’s time as attorney for Fairbanks North Star Borough. They were released today and they don’t look good for Miller. The former Borough Mayor had publicly said that Miller had been less than truthful about the activities that led to his resignation. But the documents contain pretty blunt words from Miller himself about his activities. One document has Miller admitting …

Over the lunch hour this past Wednesday, I got on three computers (not belong to me) in the office. All of them were on and none of them were locked. I accessed my personal website for political purposes (participated in a poll), and then cleared the cache on each computer. I did the same thing on my computer. Jill asked the office what happened. I lied about accessing all of the computers. I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally, I admitted what I did.

Lots of people have lied about stuff. But calling yourself a liar a week before the election doesn’t help.