It’s Happening

It’s been the insiders’ conventional wisdom for a few weeks now that with Herman Cain’s slow motion collapse underway, there was no one else left to take their turn on the stage in the coveted role of “Non-Mitt” than Newt Gingrich. There was already some evidence of it in the poll internals. And now we’ve got the first new poll that shows the glorious moment is coming. The new poll out of from CBS shows Herman Cain as a weak frontrunner at 18% support nationwide followed by Mitt and Newt, each at 15% support.

Myself I’m looking forward to a thick crop of ‘Newt’s moment’, ‘Did we misjudge Newt’ pieces from the standard pubs. It’s not all a bed of roses for Newt: he currently has a net national disapproval rating of -25%. But, hey, that’s down from about -30% only a couple months ago.