Good Point

From TPM Reader JS

Much as I, too, would like to read Lieberman out of the Democratic caucus, I’m not sure it is a good idea. You need 60 votes to get something done in the Senate, and the Republicans will be in maximally obstructionist mode come January. I’m pretty sure we will
have at least 54-55 Democrats, and am cautiously optimistic we will be up to 57-58. 60 is very unlikely. Not impossible, but we would have to run the table to get it.

That still means that we have to pick up 3-4 Republicans for each piece of legislation. (You can’t always count on Salazar or the Nelson boys.) If we keep Holy Joe in the caucus, that’s one less vote we would have to scrap for. And that could make an enormous

The deal: He could still vote any way he wanted on the floor, but would have to vote caucus on cloture to keep his chairmanship. It won’t cost the Ds much. It should be a Democratic administration for the next four years, and Joe is only head of Government Oversight.