Golden Dukes Pool Report #3

Latest pool report from Toronto and a whiff of marijuana in the air …

The TPM delegation heard our first Rob Ford joke within thirty minutes of arriving in Toronto.

As Yumi and I rode a shuttle bus into the city, the driver was talking with another man about the recent ice storm and quipped about how “comforting it was to know Rob Ford was in charge.”

That bus ride was part of our arduous, journey that involved travel on foot, by plane, boat, bus, and car. When it was all over, we reached our hotel, which is literally across the street from Toronto City Hall. In fact, the hotel and City Hall use the same underground parking garage. When we pulled in to park, there was an intense and unmistakeable odor of marijuana smoke. However, Mayor Ford was nowhere in sight.

Once we were settled into our hotel rooms, I attempted to call Mayor Ford again to arrange a formal meeting to present him with the Golden Duke. He didn’t answer, so we’re headed to some of his favorite haunts now to see if we can find him. If not, we will present the award to him at City Hall tomorrow during the Council meeting.

Before embarking on othis approximately 18 mile tour of Rob Ford’s Toronto, we snapped the above photo of the Duke in front of City Hall.