Dem Debate Blogging #4

10:43 PM: Man, that was a cheap shot question – how is your socialism different from Cuba’s and Nicaragua’s socialism? (And yes, I’m having a flashback to the lefty mags I read in high school.)

10:50 PM: That Cuba/Sanders video and that exchange is something that scares a lot of Democrats. You can talk about red-baiting and swift-boating type politics. And I’m sure there’d be no end of that. But Sanders comes out of what is a very counter-cultural strand of late 20th century American politics. I know because I sort of come out of it too, at least I grew up in it. There’s a lot that is very standard in that world that sounds very alien to a lot of American voters. This is a fact. Agree with it or not, it is a fact. I think many Democrats quite legitimately worry that by going through this history of statements Republicans would be able to disqualify Sanders with a significant number of voters.

10:56 PM: As important as this debate is, here’s a picture of Marco Rubio today talking to a nearly Florida stadium.