Bosom Buddies

Atrios makes a good point. It’s not just the media’s slavering adulation of John McCain. Things like the Hagee story also fail to pick up momentum because name leaders don’t chime in on them. In some abstract sense it shouldn’t make Hagee a bigger deal simply because Nancy Pelosi says what a lot of other people are already saying. But in the way news pegs operate, it makes all the difference in the world.

In any case, the anti-Catholicism issue is now rising above the radar. But let me draw people’s attention back to another Hagee claim — that it’s not just the terrorists we have to worry about mounting catastrophic terrorist attacks on American soil. God is helping them. According to Hagee God is going to let the terrorists create “bloodbaths” in American streets because we’re trying to find a peace settlement for the occupied territories which would have Israel alongside a Palestinian state.

So it’s not just better intelligence and border security we need to worry about. God is actually helping the jihadists to come kill us because of our sinful foreign policies. At least according to Hagee, who McCain continues to embrace.

You can find it at the 2:19 mark in our compilation of great Hagee moments.