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TPM Reader JS responds to JB

I go to church every Sunday, and frankly, I never received the memo that says you’re obligated to agree with everything that a pastor says in a sermon. I thought the idea that you’re allowed to actually disagree with him or her is inherently “American”. So what’s JB’s problem, again?

Let me get this straight. This guy JB is switching his vote from Obama to Clinton because Obama’s pastor, from whom he’s publicly disagreed on repeated occasions, made inflammatory remarks during a sermon in a service that Obama never attended. Can we please try to wrap our minds around the stupidity of that notion?

If JB loved America as much as he apparently claims, he’d take his vote a hell of a lot more seriously than that.

Late Update: TPM Reader JM:

Agree wholeheartedly with JS, and completely fail to understand the hyperventilation over this issue. I mean, I saw Chris Matthews (Chris Matthews!) on the Today Show this morning saying that everyone knows that this guy doesn’t represent Obama’s views and that voters understand that you shouldn’t necessarily be held accountable for everything and anything any of your associates utters in public. You know you’re deep in the weeds when Tweety is your voice of reason.

I think that this drawn-out primary season is starting to drive people nuts.

and TPM Reader MM:

Oh Good Lord,

The problem with we Democrats is that every new issue that comes up gets us running around in circles, flapping our hands and screaming that the sky is falling.

A big part of why I voted for Obama is that he is NOT like that — he stays cool under pressure, and he plays the long game.

The Wright thing will get worked out. The candidacy will survive. Obama is not John Kerry (he’s a much more gifted politician, for one thing, and a better strategist).

Bottom line: we have two strong candidates who are in a real struggle for the nomination. Interest in the election is the highest it’s been in years. That’s healthy in a democracy. Much healthier than the kind of easy coronation we’ve gotten used to.

Everybody take a deep breath. The sky is still firmly overhead.

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