A few quick points

A few quick points to start the day and then I really gotta cut back on the posts. First, today is Winston Churchill’s birthday, which is cool since Churchill rocks, even if many members of the Churchill cult mistake key aspects of his personality. Here’s a reprint of Churchill’s obit from the New York Times, which turns out to have been written by Tony Lewis.

Here’s the AP obit for George Harrison, who – very sadly – died yesterday in L.A.

Also, a brief update on yesterday’s post about the odious Enron corporation. I had meant to include something to this effect in the original post, but didn’t manage to work it in. Whatever glee I might have about the demise of Enron certainly doesn’t take away from the deep misfortune this is for the outfit’s many employees, for whom this is obviously an unmitigated disaster. As the article hints at, though, that’s really just another indictment of what a racket the outfit was.

Finally, let’s all get ready for a slew of stories which will make clear what should have already been obvious for all those who have eyes to see: that Social Security privatization is about to make the GOP sink like a stone.