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Step right up! Get your John “Abdul Hamid” Walker scoop here! TPM world exclusive!

As you may have heard, the law firm of Morrison & Foerster LLP (the guys who beat out Snoop Doggy Dog and the owners of the ‘Shaft’ movie franchise for the domain has agreed to represent Walker, on behalf of his parents. And the decision is apparently ginning up no end of controversy within the firm, particularly, as you might expect, in the firm’s New York Office.

The real issue for MoFo, though, is this: Who exactly is their new client going to turn out to be? For all the hoopla that’s been kicked up over the case, even his lawyers (and I take it his family too) have no idea whether Walker is going to show up in the states with a ‘where’s my mommy, you don’t know how bad it was‘ kind of attitude or whether it’s going to be ‘Viva Osama! Gimme a ticket on the next plane to Somalia!

At a meeting of MoFo partners and associates on Wednesday, James J. Brosnahan, the firm’s lead lawyer on the case, left the distinct impression that if it’s the latter, John Walker could end up being the firm’s ex-client really quick.

This late report from Newsweek will probably up the ante on Walker quite a bit. Newsweek has apparently obtained a videotape of CIA agent Johnny “Mike” Spann trying to interrogate Walker shortly before the prison uprising in which Spann was killed. Walker refused Spann’s entreaties and would not speak.