If you havent seen

If you haven’t seen enough craven smarminess from politicians lately, then by all means take a look at this new Washington Post article by Tom Edsall.

Enron cash has become Washington’s newest hot potato. And politicians who until just recently couldn’t grab enough of the stuff are now trying to ‘divest’ themselves of it as quickly as possible.

You take it. No, you take it. No, YOU take it … and so on.

I guess one can’t give the stuff back since Enron is now in a bankruptcy-induced state of suspended animation. So most of these jokers are finding charities to give the contaminated cash to.

Now, this is a pretty sad situation. So to help out we’re announcing the new Enron Talking Points Memo-Capitalization Fund.

If you’re an elected official who is sitting uncomfortably on some Enron contributions, you can donate the money to the ETPMCF. This will not only get the money out of your hands. It will also help support on-going muckracking into the Enron fiasco and humor at the expense of Enron evildoers, which should in some degree expiate guilt owing to haven taken the money in the first place.

Now, it’s true. The Amazon.com payment system can only accept donations of up to $50. And Enron seemed to like giving checks in substantially higher amounts. But this can be worked around pretty easily by returning repeated times to remit the full amount of the Enron donation. It’s like when you have your contributors’ spouses and kids pony up money to evade the campaign finance laws.

Trust me, it’ll work like a charm.