Excitement continues to grow

Excitement continues to grow for the upcoming Talking Points relaunch, especially at Talking Points world headquarters! Or, well, at least at Talking Points world headquarters. Anyway, the big date is Friday, February 15th.

Also, remember George Argyros? As TPM noted last week, he’s the high-rolling slumlord from Newport Beach, California. He bought an ambassadorship from the Bush administration. And now he’s making America look bad in Madrid with his comical, show-boating ways.

Well, now Argyros’ hometown newspaper The Orange County Register has picked up TPM’s comments in its ‘Buzz’ section. Clearly Argyros can run but he cannot hide from the long arm of TPM’s satire and mockery.

Coming up soon, details on Argyros’ whacky, boondogglian plan to convert the former El Toro Marine Air Station into a passenger airport even though the main take-off path flies right into a mountain.