Is Army Secretary Thomas

Is Army Secretary Thomas E. White pulling an Argyros?

As TPM readers know, White was a major player at Enron as well as Chairman and CEO of Enron Operations Corporation, a major Enron subsidiary. Here’s his description of his Enron involvement in his pre-scandal Defense Department bio

Prior to his appointment as Secretary of the Army, Secretary White served as Vice Chairman of Enron Energy Services, the Enron Corporation subsidiary responsible for providing energy outsource solutions to commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States. Mr. White was responsible for the delivery component of energy management services, which included commodity management; purchasing, maintaining, and operating energy assets; developing and implementing energy information services; capital management; and facilities management.

Secretary White also served as a member of Enron’s Executive Committee and was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Enron Operations Corporation. He was also responsible for the Enron Engineering and Construction Company, which managed an extensive construction portfolio with domestic and international projects.

Here’s the description in the new bio

From 1990 to 2001, Mr. White was employed by Enron Corporation and held various senior executive positions.

Special thanks to TPM reader RC for the catch.