Following up on the

Following up on the previous post, it’s striking how pitiful and disrespected a job the Massachusetts governorship has become under Republican occupancy. The post has barely had an elected occupant in the last decade, but rather been passed on like a … well, i’m not going to finish the metaphor. But I think you know where I’m going.

Consider the list.

Bill Weld got reelected to the position in 1994. But he resigned the job in 1997. Notionally, he resigned the governorship to take the Ambassadorship to Mexico. But actually, we all knew he wasn’t going to get that position either. In truth, he resigned as governor because he was bored.

That left the job to Lieutenant Governor Paul Cellucci. He managed to win the job in his own right in 1998. But apparently he didn’t think the job was such great shakes either. Because he resigned the job to assume the illustrious post of Ambassador to Canada. At least he actually got the job.

That left the job to Celluci’s Lieutenant Governor Jane Swift. Swift’s tenure has been unremarkable at best and most known for her decision to go on (entirely appropriate) maternity leave.

Maybe the big questions for Mass. gubernatorial candidates — especially the Republicans — should be whether they plan to serve out their terms — even if they find something good on TV.