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Current Senate candidate, future Presidential candidate, and all around tall guy, John Kerry speaks out on the new 9/11 disclosures …

This disclosure underscores the very real need for the President to work openly
and in good faith with Congress to fully investigate any breakdowns in
intelligence gathering that may have occurred prior to September 11th. Many of
us have been very vocal in calling for a widespread examination of our
intelligence gathering processes. We have a right and a responsibility to ask
questions. Preventing another September 11th undoubtedly requires understanding
our past vulnerabilities. Were we focused on the right kinds of intelligence
gathering? Did the United States have the necessary capacity to respond? If not,
why? Where were the deficiencies? If we weren’t appropriately focused on this
threat, where was the focus misdirected? There’s no need for further government
secrecy — the Administration should be comfortable sharing their evaluation of
these intelligence deficits and helping us determine together how best to
protect Americans in the future.