Please pardon the persistent

Please pardon the persistent post paucity, but for the moment TPM must be cobbled together on this feeble Toshiba laptop which for some odd reason seemed like the niftiest thing going when I bought it at some point in like 1997. I’m told the old TPM world HQ will be up and going again as early as tomorrow. So let’s hope.

In any case, as you may remember, TPM was a notoriously early-adopter of the Chandra Levy story, first discussing the case in these virtual pages last May 18th. When the sad, but inevitable news surfaced a couple weeks ago I was out of online contact and unable to make any comment.

But let me just mention a thought circulating among some Chandra-obsessives. You’ll remember that at the crime scene where Chandra’s remains were found, one item found was a pair of her spandex leggings which were knotted together end-to-end.

This has led to various speculation that Chandra was bound and perhaps assaulted before she was killed. Here’s an example from a May 31st article in the New York Post

Police sources said the leggings were found inside out and knotted on both ends of each leg.

Because no bone matter was discovered inside the leggings, police theorize that they were removed and used to restrain her before she died.

“If someone wanted to just kill her, they wouldn’t have removed the leggings,” said former FBI profiler Cliff Van Zandt.

“The other working theory you could have with this is that they were pulled off her by someone who wanted to make it look like a sexual assault,” Van Zandt added.

The D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office, which ruled earlier this week that the 24-year old Levy was murdered, has not found any traces of blood or semen on the former intern’s clothing found at the scene, although the items are being sent to FBI labs for further analysis.

Police sources said the sex crime angle is just one theory being pursued by detectives seeking to unravel the 13-month long mystery.

Well, maybe. But isn’t there another possibility, one no one seems to be mentioning in print? Don’t spandex leggings seem a bit more like something you’d tie someone up with during what I guess you’d call consensual bondage rather than during an assault? You know, like a necktie or a silk scarf or something?

Just a thought.