So thats the ticketApparently

So that’s the ticket!

Apparently Bill Delaney, who if memory serves is CNN’s Boston Bureau Chief, is putting together a segment on how Harvard and other universities are now “factoring in gayness as an enhancement to a college application.” The idea, it seems, is that coming out in high school shows independence, guts and character — which I have no doubt is true. Still, it makes you think of some interesting lists of extra-curriculars.

Anyway, here’s the run-down from an internal CNN memo …

Forget winning the science fair or being an all-state pole vaulter or, well, getting straight A’s – not being straight’s now worth a lot too, when it comes to looking good to the college of your choice. Harvard and other universities around the country now are factoring in gayness as an enhancement to a college application…thinking having confronted one’s sexual orientation at a young age shows independence – and builds character and leadership potential –