Christopher Hitchens is finally

Christopher Hitchens is finally leaving The Nation. He’ll apparently make the announcement in a column in the magazine’s next issue. Hitchens seems to no longer believe the Nation audience is a receptive or congenial one for him, given his hawkish stands on the war on terrorism and Iraq and — I would imagine at least — more or less everything he’s written for the last half dozen years or so. The Nation released the following statement — which will apparently also run in the next issue — to TPM Wednesday afternoon …

We note with keen regret that this week marks the final appearance of Christopher Hitchens’s column, “Minority Report.” We have been publishing Christopher for more than twenty years, and the relationship with him has been a rewarding one for this magazine and for our readers. That is testimony to the fact that Christopher has always been completely free to express his views, and differences he has had with the editors he has honorably ventilated. We will miss his eloquent and passionate voice and his elegantly crafted prose.

We’ll be reporting more on this as it develops.