Our recent posts continue

Our recent posts continue to stir the blood of the more rabid breed of South Dakota Republicans, ginning up a slew of letters like this one.


Please get your facts straight concerning the Mary Matalin speech in Sioux
Falls, South Dakota. I happen to be on the committee that sets up these
monthly luncheons. This WAS NOT a fund-raiser for John Thune or anyone
else. As a matter of fact, we have never made money on any of the luncheons,
that is not our intent. Just for the record, after paying for the food,
the announcements and the postage we LOSE money. This event was open
to the public, it was even announced in the Argus Leader by David Kranz,
a well known Democrat lover. Just for the record a registered Democrat
was sitting at my table.

You people will stop at nothing to hold on to power, even if it means
destroying people’s lives. What next murder? Oh yeah, Bill Clinton has
already done that.

I guess we Republicans really owe you libs a debt of gratitude because
you have really fired up our base. We will be voting in droves on November
5th. I am sure Johnson would appreciate some help packing up his office
on November 6th. Remind him not to take anything that does not belong
to him; I know you libs have a tendency to have sticky fingers.

AB [Full Name Suppressed]

Then AB’s husband chimed in …

As we expected, liberal sycophants such as yourself are trying to circle the wagons to protect your hold on power. I informed my wife, who is on the committee for Winning Woman, about your rant and she intends to dispel your lies. You and the DNC may think that your smear tactics will work in SD, but think again. We have had to live with the absolutely biased reporting of the Argus Leader for years, so one more idiot in the liberal bunch really won’t matter. We intend to contact Neal Bennett and make sure that he has the facts of this matter . This will demonstrate just who is the liar! YOU!

And so it goes.