I see no point

I see no point dragging out this presidential apology business any more. The president did what he was willing to do after the politicals told him the first try wasn’t enough. Everyone’s drawn their conclusions, and so forth. But what precisely was the idea in apologizing to Abdullah and then going out and announcing that he’d apologized to Abdullah?

Abdullah’s an Arab. And he’s from nextdoor to Iraq. And he was in town. Actually he was at my house. So I figured I’d apologize to him. How’s that? Did I mentioned that I apologized to Abdullah?

And how about Rush Limbaugh’s idea of a fun night out and blowing off steam?

You know when you’re worked to the bone and you really need to unwind there’s just nothing like grabbing a half dozen Arab dudes, stripping them naked, tying their bodies together against their will and pressing one guy’s penis up against another guy’s butt to make it like they’re having anal sex. Right?

Party time for Rush, it would seem, is a mix of Studio 54 and Jack the Ripper.

As fun as A Clockwork Orange.

It’s the Abner Louimafication of regime change.