A couple days ago

A couple days ago we posted a link to this database of Sinclair Broadcasting advertisers. Unfortunately, at least at first, there seemed to be some problems accessing the site. Now, though, those problems seem to have been resolved and everyone should be able to access the site and the database without any problems.

It’s been steadily updated and contains many more entries than it did only yesterday.

The big groups have been surprisingly, painfully cautious about getting into this. So if this is important to you it will have to be picked up on the local level.

If you’re wondering if it helps, see this …

Meier said his restaurants began receiving calls on Tuesday and the volume picked up on Wednesday.

“I took most of the calls, and the people were very polite and well-behaved,” said Meier. “But most of them said they were long-time customers and they weren’t going to come in as long as we continued to advertise on Channel 47.”

See the rest here …