House Ethics Committee round-up

House Ethics Committee round-up …

There are five Republicans on the Ethics Committee (and five Dems).

Of those, Chairman Joel Hefley of Colorado is in the Shays Handful. He voted against the DeLay Rule. Missouri’s Kenny Hulshof is in there too.

Ohio’s Steven LaTourette is telling constituents that he’s in the Shays Handful; but as of yet we’ve seen no press reports that confirm this.

As we reported earlier today, Illinois Congresswoman Judy Biggert seems to be hanging tough with the ‘private vote‘ line, refusing to say how she voted.

We had Washington state’s Doc Hastings down as a letter-writer. But late this afternoon we received word that a Hastings staffer told at least one constituent that Hastings supported the DeLay Vote but wouldn’t reveal how he voted because it was a ‘secret’ vote. (I guess he sort of wanted to mix up the categories a bit.) If anyone hears more on Hastings, let us know.