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Tom DeLay, New Jersey’s Mike Ferguson’s got your back.

After a bit of hemming and hawing, Ferguson staffers have told a number of TPM reader-constituents that Ferguson voted for the DeLay Rule.

Maybe the $10,000 he got from DeLay’s leadership PAC helped put the issue in a clearer light.

Late Update: Contrary to the number I noted above, the list of ARMPAC giving at the Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) website lists Ferguson as the single biggest recipient of DeLay largesse in the entire congress — clocking in at a whopping $42,403. You might say he got the largest largesse. Looking at the CAF chart, I’m not sure what explains the discrepancy between this number and that provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), which I listed above. The CRP number is for the 2004 giving cycle. So I assume the $42,403 includes the previous two cycles Ferguson ran in (2000 and 2002). In any case, no wonder Mike Ferguson’s got DeLay’s back. He’s already in the guy’s pocket so it’s not far to travel.