First Republican Dino Rossi

First, Republican Dino Rossi came in first in the Washington governor’s race by a minuscule margin. And he asked Democrat Christine Gregoire to concede. Then there was a recount and various recheckings and Gregoire came in first by a similar infinitesimally small margin. And now the Republican Secretary of State has certified the election and Gregoire is the winner and official Governor-elect.

So now Rossi has a new angle. He says Gregoire should join him in calling for a whole new election to be held. You know, to ensure the integrity of the process.

Newsflash: she ain’t interested.

Says Gregoire: “A do-over … is only in golf. We call it a mulligan. This is not golf, and this is not practice. This is an election. It’s had three counts.”

Now some of the locals are putting together an email campaign to tell Rossi it’s time to hang it up.

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