Here would be some

Here would be some time very well spent.

We’ve noted before that the “on hold” recording that now plays when you call the Social Security Administration includes thinly-veiled Bush administration propaganda about Social Security’s insolvency and the need for “long range changes” in the program, and the sooner the better. Similar verbiage is now contained in the mailings that the SSA sends out to all Americans who pay into the system, describing their lifetime earnings and projected benefits.

And I’m told that this soft pro-privatization propaganda has been getting more pointed over the last three years, even as the actuaries at SSA have been reporting that the predicted Social Security funding shortfalls are receding further and further into the future.

So here’s the idea — one that takes on even more timeliness with the revelations today about the administration and Armstrong Williams: why not prepare a well-crafted FOIA request to the SSA requesting any and all documents relating to the preparation and authorship of the increasingly pro-privatization boilerplate that appears and plays on the SSA’s various mailings and phone recordings?

Go back to 2001 and bring it up until today.

Who will do it?