Montanas Great Falls Tribune

Montana’s Great Falls Tribune says Bamboozlepalooza didn’t convince the state’s lawmakers.

But Caucus member Rep. Denny Rehberg did praise the president’s “Oprah Winfrey-style” approach to working the room …

Rehberg said he felt the president did very well in the “Oprah Winfry-style” panel discussion.

“It led to a free flow of information, and the president looked very comfortable listening to questions and explaining the future problems of Social Security,” Rehberg said.

“It’s a sign of the president’s leadership that he doesn’t want to coast in his second term, but to work to resolve an issue like Social Security that is emotional and controversial.

“He’s asking the people of America to listen to different ideas for preserving and protecting Social Security, and he’s open to nearly all ideas.”

Rehberg did not commit himself yet to supporting the president’s idea of personal Social Security investment accounts.

“I want to see all the proposals,” he said. “But why not consider such personal accounts that would earn a higher return for young adults that they would own and could pass on to their kids?”

He even called them ‘personal accounts’. <$NoAd$>There may be some hope for the president with Rep. Rehberg yet …