As you may have

As you may have seen, the ‘Denver Three’ (the three Denver residents tossed out of a Bamboozlepalooza event for having a non-Bush-True bumper-sticker on their car) are headed to Washington today. And they’re going to hand-deliver a letter to the White House today at 4 PM.

Also worth noting, in terms of credit where credit is due, the three will be meeting not only with Colorado Democrats on the hill but with Republicans too. They’ll be meeting in person with Rep. Mark Udall (D)and Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R) and staff members of other key members of the delegation, including Rep. Beauprez (R), at whose Bamboozlepalooza event all the shenanigans went down in the first place.

Do let me know if these three worthies get any play on Inside Politics or the other similar shows.