Like that songworthy ant

Like that songworthy ant, Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), well … he’s got high hopes. A week ago back in Cleveland, Ney was asked whether he thought the Abramoff investigation would have any effect on his or other Republicans’ reelection prospects next year.

“I don’t believe so,” said Ney, “As far as any controversy on any member, I don’t think that will affect midterm elections. It’s a long time off.”

Like I said, high hopes. Especially considering, as the Washington Post puts it in tomorrow’s paper, “prosecutors have told Ney they are preparing a possible bribery indictment against him over official acts that benefited clients of Abramoff.”

And you have to figure the case will be pretty strong. Two of the key principals in the prospective case have already agreed to testify against him. First, was Michael Scanlon, Abramoff’s right hand man who handled the quids for Ney’s quos. And now Adam Kidan, the once-owner of SunCruz, is agreeing to testify against him too, another guy who gave Ney a bunch of quids.

What law of gravity that I don’t know about says this dude isn’t finished?