Remember our good friend

Remember our good friend Dusty Foggo? Former No. 3 at CIA. Buddy of Brent Wilkes. Under federal criminal investigation.

Colorful little piece in tomorrow’s Washington Post unrelated to any of the above, except that it hints at the politicization of the Agency under Porter Goss:

Foggo, according to Berntsen, stated flatly that Goss wanted no more books published by current or former CIA officials. Actually, according to a statement Berntsen filed last week in his ongoing lawsuit against the agency, Foggo’s language was a little more colorful: “Mr. Foggo stated ‘we will have no more books. I will redact the [expletive] out of your book so no one will want to read it.’ “

The CIA’s offical review board redacted 5 pages of the 400-page manuscript, then sent it on to the Directorate of Operations, which redacted 70 pages.