TPM Reader MO sees

TPM Reader MO sees the writing on the wall …

I have to point this out, Josh. Personal comments about Hillary and notwithstanding the Ferraro/Race flap that has permeated throughout this campaign, this Wright fellow troubles me more than anything. Not only the fact that he is Obama’s mentor and Obama has been going to this church for twenty years, but to make a statement such as “God Damn America” will be a brush fire that will be uncontrollable to contain. The GOP will piece that with Obama’s different take on ways to display patriotism and they will run him into the ground in the GE. Should he distance himself and force Wright (someone that loyal) out, then Obama is ready to be Commander in Chief. If not, he has the same loyalty issues as Hillary has with Mark Penn (in my opinion, her campaign’s greatest flaw).

TPM Reader TB responds …

TPM Reader MO…Obama’s “mentor”?

Why is the Clinton Campaign is allowed to pound this argument that if she beats him in Pa., he can’t beat McCain there in the fall, when the truth is that because of her sky high negatives, she is at a
disadvantage compared to Obama in a general election, and even though she can beat him in that state, for reasons I leave you to consider, the same polls give Obama a better chance against McCain.

This new media fascination with the pastor of Obama’s church is just a new section of the Orchestra playing the racial theme.

And finally TPM Reader JS

As much as I don’t like this stuff, as an Obama supporter, he desperately needs to address this forcefully now so please press the issue in every way you can and make the Obama campaign know that even his supporters are going to lose faith in him if he doesn’t come out soon and denounce AND reject this stuff ASAP.