Robert Philip Hanssen seems

Robert Philip Hanssen seems so obviously guilty that the only mystery remaining now in this espionage case is who Louis Freeh will find to pin the blame on and how he’ll do it.

Washington is filled with people who have mastered the art of ‘failing up.’ But no one has mastered this art quite as well as Louis Freeh.

As the master profilographer David Plotz explained last Fall, what’s most fascinating about Freeh is not that his agency has managed to blow many of the high profile cases it’s been involved in over recent years (Waco, Richard Jewel, Wen Ho Lee, etc.). The real intrigue is that he’s managed to pass almost all of it off as someone else’s fault. Who takes the fall for this screw up? Janet Reno? Bill Clinton? Denise Rich? Bernie Sanders? Who? Think fast! Who?