Just when I think

Just when I think I’m out, they p-u-l-l me back in.

Let’s go back to Ted Olson.

Today Tim Noah (aka Chatterbox) runs a letter from Wlady Pleszczynski, of the American Spectator, rebutting Tim’s earlier article acusing Ted Olson of lying about his involvement in the Arkansas Project. (“Your Olson item would be McCarthyite nonsense if you knew what you were talking about …”)

But wait! I don’t think even Tim mentions, in his follow-on response, the most striking thing about the letter in question. Pleszczynski never says that Olson wasn’t involved in the Project. Or in other words, he never even denies Tim’s original charge or premise.

Pleszczynski says David Brock wasn’t part of the Arkansas Project. He says David’s unreliable. He disputes just what the Project was. Where it’s monies went.

He disputes everything except the actual point which is in dispute: whether Olson was involved in the Project and whether he lied about.

That’s a classic non-denial denial.