The news in Washington

The news in Washington today was filled with the ominous search for the whereabouts a Chandra Levy, a 24 year old intern at the Bureau of Prisons. Levy was last seen on April 30th as she was preparing to return home to California after completing here internship.

Yet the investigation into Levy’s disappearance took a real turn for the bizarre when it started to pull in Levy’s hometown congressman Gary Condit.

The coverage in the Washington Post has touched upon this aspect of the case rather gingerly. But this article in Condit’s hometown newspaper, the Modesto Bee, strongly implies – without quite saying it – that Levy might have been involved in a romantic relationship with Condit (who is married and has two children) and discusses some of the evidence that is fueling the speculation.

According to this article in the New York Daily News, Condit told the DC police that Levy had spent time at his condo in DC’s Woodley Park neighborhood. As the Daily News article put it:

Condit, 53, who is married with two children, told cops he and Levy were friends — and then “refused to elaborate,” News4 quoted police sources as saying.

That doesn’t sound so good, does it?

So what’s going on here? No idea. But Condit’s press secretary can’t have had a good day.