You can find the

You can find the Talking Points’ run down on
the Washington Post White House vandalism story below. But another
question. The White House keeps talking about this “list” it’s released
— which apparently formed the basis of the Post story.

Here’s my question: does only the Post get to see the list? Isn’t it
going to be released to the rest of the media, so we can actually see it and
evaluate it?

And the snapshot of the trash-strewn office in the White House counsel’s
office? Can’t we see that? News reports at the time said folks at the White
House were “informally documenting” (in the words of CNN’s Kelly Wallace) what
happened. And Drudge, for what’s is worth, was told by someone at the White
House that “photographic and audio evidence” was being compiled.

Can we see those pictures?