The New York Times

The New York Times has, for better or worse, been almost entirely silent on the Chandra Levy – Gary Condit matter. But this column by Maureen Dowd — not one of my favorites normally — gives a decent run down of the facts and an apt characterization of the dark, tragic nature of the story.

The Post reports this morning that Levy’s parents have hired DC attorney Billy Martin to represent them. Martin, you may remember, also represented Monica Lewinsky’s mother — and emerged after a time as the de facto chief legal advisor to Monica too.

This brings almost full circle the bizarre Lewinsky-Levy parallelism. But reading Dowd’s column makes it bitterly clear that this time DC has managed to stand Marx’s famous dictum on its head: if this is history repeating itself, the first time was farce, the second tragedy — not the other way around.