A quick thought. Anne

A quick thought. Anne Marie Smith says that on “approximately May 5 or 6” Gary Condit called her and said he was “in trouble” and might have to “disappear for a while.”
According to the Levys, they first called the DC police on May 5th. They again called on the 6th and reported her as a missing person. Only then — concerned that the police were not giving the matter sufficient attention — did they call Condit. That was on the evening of May 6th.

Clearly, the question is which of these conversations occurred first. If conversation (A) occurred prior to conversation (B) — that is to say, if Condit told Smith he was “in trouble” before he found out from Levy’s parents that she was missing — that would be rather damning, no?

With phone records, this should all be rather easy to nail down. As police presumably are trying to do.