For months Ive wanted

For months I’ve wanted to write a post asking what should be (or should have been) one of the great questions of contemporary American journalism: why is the most pitiful website in the history of the universe?

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mean the LA Times. Talking Points grew up near Los Angeles and well knows that the LA Times is one of the nation’s great newspapers. Certainly at least the equal of any other in the country — save the New York Times.

No, I’m talking about the website. And what I always wondered was why this big-time national newspaper would have a website more pitiful and impossible to navigate than your average 4th tier small-time paper like the Podunk Crier or the Lametown Gazette.

Well, you know what they say: carpe diem! I’ve missed my chance. I just noticed the LAT has redesigned their site. It’s still far from the best newspaper website design I’ve seen. But it’s not chaotic and pitiful either. And that’s a big improvement.